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Testimonials: See More Patients, Spend More Time With Them, But Work Less! | Print |

Jeffrey D. Cooper, MD, Pediatrician (HIMSS Davies Award Winner)

"Waiting times have been dramatically reduced every step of the way—not just the waiting room time. Parents are happier because going to the doctor no longer takes two hours out of their already overcrowded schedule. I can see more kids per hour with an actual increase in preventive services like screenings and vaccines—thus improving healthcare and increasing revenue at the same time."

Dee McGee, Pediatric Practice Manager (HIMSS Davies Award Winner)

"It has allowed our physicians to increase the number of patients they see in a day...And it has given the physicians that were already high-volume the opportunity to spend a little more time with their patients and be more personable."

Armand Gonzalzles, MD, Pediatrician (HIMSS Davies Award Winner)

"It's really helped my lifestyle. I'm working three and a half days a week, I used to work seven days a week. So it's really made life much easier, and the staff love it!" 

Jeffrey Harris, MD, Obstetrics/Gynecology and Family Practice (HIMSS Davies Award Winner)

"The EMR user interface is akin to the touch screen-oriented systems in restaurants: one screen at a time, with only the most relevant data displayed and options presented (although, of course, a user can always jump out of a particular screen sequence to accomplish an arbitrary task), and the sequences can be tweaked through the workflow management to make such occurrences infrequent...The workflow plans are tailored for each type of patient seen in the office (obstetrics, gynecologic, annual exams, family practice) assuring that key elements of the present illness, history and physical are addressed and documented. Work plans contain required laboratory tests for specific conditions, assuring that key tests are not forgotten."

Allen R. Carter Jr., Business Manager, Family Medicine

"The payroll savings and increase in collections repaid our total investment in 18 months." 

Patricia Hernandez, Clinic Administrator, Obstetrics/Gynecology Practice

"We have seen incredible results as to the increase in patient volume we can handle." 

John Ivan Sutter, MD, Pediatrician

"At a time when physicians are being squeezed by cost constraints of record proportions while trying to continue to provide quality care, it is absolutely imperative that you look for a system that delivers security, cost efficiencies, and unparalleled quality of care in a new way—EncounterPro is that system." 

Karen Kamachi, MD, Pediatrician

"One Monday in the winter we had only two of our five doctors in the office. Then my partner was stuck at the hospital and I was left by myself. At the end of a long day I had seen 79 patients! I wasn’t even frazzled."

Angela D. Hunt, MD, Pediatrician

"My office went live 2 days ago and it's unbelievable! For the first time in my nearly 15 years in pediatric practice I left my office with all my charts and notations completed for the day...Thank you so much for giving me a life again!" 

Phelgar Washington, MD, Ophthalmology

"When I selected EncounterPRO, the biggest motivating factor was the concept of having an office screen that displays the necessary patient activities. This is similar to the ER board that many of us are familiar with that lists where each patient is and what procedure needs to be done next. In a procedure-oriented practice like ophthalmology, the efficiency from this tool is tremendous. The idea of telling staff what to do silently without disruption took me over the top. Features like this can eliminate the need for signaling lights or flags on exam room doors. The final big feature is workflow. Essentially, the program automatically sequences through your documentation depending upon the type of exam you have chosen." 

Charles Gregg, Pediatric Office Manager

"We have seen a dramatic impact in lower cost, higher quality and increased speed of healthcare services. Parent satisfaction has dramatically increased as a result of the improved quality and timesavings of our healthcare services." 

Linda Hall, Office Coordinator, Pediatric Practice

"EncounterPRO has reduced the amount of time it takes to produce medical records. The system promotes more teamwork and greater staff efficiency." 

William Long, MD, Pediatrician

"Benefits I have noticed personally included: decreased turnaround time for telephone messages, decreased turnaround time for prescription refills, decreased turnaround time for referrals, improved efficiency of office procedures such as immunizations and tests, decreased time spent at the end of the day returning phone calls, writing refills, and completing charts." 

Michael Blum, DO, Pediatrician

"Many pediatricians operate with narrow profit margins. Reducing costs, capturing charges correctly, and increasing the number of encounters can increase profit. If a pediatrician cannot chart a routine otitis media encounter from start to finish in 30 seconds, the EHR will slow him or her down and reduce profit. The EncounterPRO EHR’s workflow engine essentially pushes tasks to users as fast as they can accomplish them. However, pediatric offices accomplish tasks in many different orders, so the workflow definitions can be changed to accommodate a specific pediatric group preference."

Stephen Dentler MD Pediatrician

"EncounterPRO has made our workflow very smooth. We see 30-40 patients daily and we are almost always finished with all work by 4:30 in the afternoon. No need to stay late and file charts." 

George Rogu MD Pediatrician

"In the height of the physical season, from the minute the patient walks in the door for a kindergarten physical, gets all the preliminary screening test (vision, hearing OAE VEP), heights, weights, BP plotting, physical exam blood work and immunizations, we are getting folks out the door in under an hour and that is decreasing. This is unheard of."

Published Reviews

Contemporary Pediatrics

"EncounterPRO's simplicity and design distinguishes it from the competition. It is a workflow-based system. An office equipped with EncounterPro has a computer terminal in every exam room. At any of these terminals, you can find out what is going on in any room, if a room needs cleaning or setting up for a new patient, if a patient is waiting for vital signs to be taken or a nursing assessment to be done, or if a physician is interviewing or examining a patient. EncounterPro features a very simple interface, with large, clearly marked buttons and interchangeable screens. You can switch from nursing-intake screens, to vital-signs screens, to prescription and super-bill generating screens. From any screen, you can create a comprehensive office note from a series of lists. EncounterPro has received many awards for design." 

Stamford IPA Review of Office Medical Systems

"It was very easy to use, and was built around a pick list-type structure for creating encounters. It has a clean interface and is built so that you can enter data by touching the screen with your finger - large decision boxes, etc. The thing I noticed was that even the least computer-sophisticated doctors in the demo group sat right down at the screen and started tapping away with no fear."

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