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The Free Open Source EncounterPRO-OS EMR Clinical Groupware for Pediatrics and Primary Care Website


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EncounterPRO-OS Platform = Workflow Engine, Shell, Component Manager, Components, Config | Print |

You may think of EncounterPRO-OS an EMR.  Well yes it certainly is, but it's more than that.  EncounterPRO-OS was the first (and we believe still the only) EMR built from the ground up as a platform for components rather than as an application.

Let's cover some basic EncounterPRO-OS concepts...then dive in!

The Platform

  Workflow Engine   The state machine at the heart of an EncounterPRO-OS installation which governs the behavior of EncounterPRO-OS (particularly specialty-, practice-, and user-specific workflows).
  Shell   An application which authenticates users and consults the workflow engine to present users with information about outstanding tasks.  The shell also offers users a way to perform the outstanding tasks (usually by clicking on one) and the shell will instantiate and call the component appropriate to that task.
  Component Manager   A specific object in the EncounterPRO-OS shell which alone has the logic to instantiate a component.  All work is through a component, and all components are instantiated by the component manager.
  Component   A callable applet that performs or allows a user to perform some function.

The settings, rules and instructions that the Workflow Engine, Shell and Components use to govern the behavior of EncounterPRO-OS.  It is fair to say that EncounterPRO-OS by itself does nothing.  The Config (which is included in the free EncounterPRO-OS download) informs EncounterPRO-OS how to react and respond to every event. Encapsulated Config Objects, or ECOs, are exportable/importable flat file representations of config(uration) can be published and shared.


Bundled Components

  Chart Alert   Sticky Pad system that pops up reminders and warnings in front of certain tasks
  Attachment   Handler component for viewing, editing, printing, rendering attachments
  Authentication System   User authentication system
  Coding Service   Determines visit code based on payer, E&M level, diagnoses, etc.
  Config Object Manager   Wraps and unwraps config objects for importing and exporting
  Contraindication Checker   Takes in a patient context and proposed orders and returns contraindication details
  Document Creator   Creates a document
  Document Receiver   Incoming polling interface
  Document Sender   Outgoing interface
  Drug Database   Drug database
  Medical Nomenclature   Phrase builder for creating new content definitions
  Observation   Device interface
  OCR Image Interpreter   Accepts a blob and returns text
  Report   Generates a report for printing or viewing
  Service   Workflow task
  Treatment   Define/order a treatment
  Document Handler   Consumes incoming documents, posts data into patient charts and triggers appropriate workflow

Third-Party Components

  Instructions   Instructions for turning your software product or service into a component you can sell combined with the freely distributed EncounterPRO-OS EMR clinical groupware platform.
  Market Place   Coming soon! A market place for users and systems integrators to purchase third-party products and services that run on the EncounterPRO-OS EMR clinical groupware platform.



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