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The Fourteen National Award-Winning EncounterPRO-OS EMR Pediatric Workflow System | Print |




Pediatricians Using the EncounterPRO Pediatric EMR Workflow System Won the HIMSS Davies Award Twice!


The Greatest Obstacle to Your Professional Productivity is Time!

Adopting the EncounterPRO-OS Pediatric EMR Workflow System is a transformative practice, professional, and personal experience.

Since 1995 the EncounterPRO Pediatric EMR Workflow System, on which EncounterPRO-OS is based, has given physicians time: time to go home early; to get to the gym; to see more patients; and to do what you do best, practice medicine. The first successful example of clinical groupware for the medical office, EncounterPRO-OS was also the first Windows-based pediatric EMR. It is still the only workflow management system (a form of clinical groupware) for ambulatory medicine, period). It doesn't matter how computer-phobic your staff is, they'll find the EncounterPRO-OS Pediatric EMR nearly as simple to use as an ATM cash machine (big buttons plus task specific screen flow). EncounterPRO-OS will drive down your costs, increase the number of patients you can see, reduce patient wait times, and improve patient satisfaction.

What Kind of EMR Would a Pediatrician, a Jet Pilot, and a Computer Scientist Design?

Using clinical groupware ideas and technology, they would design a high-usability, high-performance pediatric EMR workflow system:

  • The First Windows-based Pediatric EMR
  • 14 National Awards (Three HIMSS Davies)
  • A User Interface Like No Other EMR
  • Aviation-inspired Human Factors, Ergonomics & Usability
    Systems Engineering Optimized Workflow & Productivity
    The Opposite of Traditional "Hunt & Peck" EMRs

And a "SYSTEM" that Saves You Substantial Time, Effort, and Money

Pediatric-Specific Features of the EncounterPRO-OS EMR Workflow System

EncounterPRO-OS has lots of pediatric-specific features (see below). But let's get one thing out of the way: Don't run afoul of the Pediatric EMR "Featuritis Curve"!

Most pediatric EMRs suffer from "Featuritis." Avoid this dread disease because it will slow you down and cost you money. With the EncounterPRO-OS Pediatric EMR Workflow System you can have a long list of pediatric-specific features, content, reports, and workflows—and use them too.

Today's trend is to add more and more EMR features. At first only the most important features are created and special attention is paid to simple and elegant usability. However, each additional feature adds less and less value. Eventually, adding features actually reduces the total value of having a pediatric EMR in the first place. The single most special "feature" of the EncounterPRO-OS Pediatric EMR Workflow System is that new features can be added into workflows without cluttering or getting in the way of already existing features. Necessary features, such as features required by meaningful use standards can be elegantly added to EncounterPRO-OS’s open, module, component-based architecture.  Workflow (or "process-awareness" as it is sometimes called), however, cannot be added to the clunky, static, feature-laden architectures of more primitive EMRs that are the norm today.

Since 1994 EncounterPRO, now EncounterPRO-OS, has been adding pediatric-specific features to the first Windows-based pediatric EMR, however EncounterPRO-OS's completely customizable workflows "anticipate" what you need and where you want to go, unlike "hunt-and-peck" EMRs that force you to click your way through cluttered screens and lengthy picklists.

With EncounterPRO-OS you can have your features and use them too.

Top Ten Reasons Pediatricians Have Choose EncounterPRO/EncounterPRO-OS

  1. Most EncounterPRO Users are Pediatricians. 70 percent of EncounterPRO's users are pediatricians (25 percent of the remaining users practice in Family Medicine, Obstetrics & Gynecology settings).
  2. Fifteen Years of Pediatric-Specific Design and Improvement. Developed in 1994 and deployed the next year, EncounterPRO was (and EncounterPRO-OS is) the first Windows-based pediatric EMR.
  3. Award Winning Pediatric EMR. The HIMSS Davies Award went to Pediatricians Using EncounterPRO—Twice. Read their award winning application here and here.
  4. EncounterPRO's Famous Office View. Pediatricians and staff often struggle with office flow. Where are the patients? Where are the doctors? Where are the nurses? The EncounterPRO-OS EMR’s Office View lets users see where patients are located, which provider the patient is scheduled to see, what tasks have been ordered for the patient, who is responsible for performing the tasks, and how long each task has been outstanding in minutes (updated continually in real time)—all in one color-coded screen.
  5. Immunization Management. EncounterPRO's (and EncounterPRO-OS's) vaccine tracking and management module includes interfaces to state immunization registries (through third party partners), directly captures signed parental approval capture in exam room, notifies provider when a specific vaccine dose is due, recommends a schedule of the remaining doses, works for patients on schedule and for those who have fallen behind, and allows review of the CDC rules that determined the recommended schedule.
  6. Pediatric-Specific Functionality. Including preterm, infant, and child growth charts, vaccination tracking, functional development, and direct integration with vitals/spirometer instruments from Midmark Diagnostics and Welch Allyn (sold as add-on by EncounterPRO-OS partners) and much, much more.
  7. Pediatric-Specific Reporting. Including School Physical Form, Return-to-School Form, Camp Physical Form, HEDIS Immunization Compliance Report, Immunization Report with Parent's Electronic Signature, Parent Take Home Report, Overdue Health Maintenance, VFC Usage and much, much more.
  8. Pediatric-Specific Workflows. Automatically provides age and gender specific templates for nurse and pediatrician roles and includes: anticipatory guidance, diet and sleep histories, developmental guidelines, physical exams, hearing and vision test, and much, much more.
  9. Pediatric-Specific Billing Tools. Allows you to better manage, refine, streamline, and standardize your processes to ensure accurate charge capture and visit level coding according to the 1997 E&M Documentation Guidelines. (Note that because of third-party copyrights, billing codes must be purchased as an add-on from a third-party EncounterPRO-OS partner.)
  10. Everything Else About EncounterPRO (and EncounterPRO-OS) That Makes it a Great Pediatric EMR:
    • Immunization Reminders and Tracking (based on CDC data)
      • Tracks past-due vaccinations and calculates make-up schedules.
      • State Immunization Registries (sold as add-ons through a third-party partner) 
        • Arkansas
        • Florida
        • Georgia
        • New York
        • Texas
        • New Jersey
        • Others in development
      • VFC Reports
    • Health Maintenance Reminders and Tracking
    • E&M Coding Assistance for Pediatrics
    • Pediatric Dosage Calculator
    • Direct Integration with SureScripts Electronic Prescribing Network (sold as an add-on through a Surescripts-certified EncounterPRO-OS partner)
    • Decision Support
    • Adverse Drug Events
    • Lab Interfaces (LabCorp, Quest, many others sold as add-ons, through a third-party partner)
    • Charts linked by family relationships (adopted, step, half, foster, etc.)
    • Drug Database
    • Patient Pictures
    • MidMark ECG/EKG Device Interfaces (sold as add-ons through a third-party EncounterPRO-OS partner)
    • Welch Allyn Spot Vitals Device Interfaces (sold as add-ons through a third-party EncounterPRO-OS partner)
    • Growth Charts/Reports (Age-based normals per CDC data)
      • Height
      • Length
      • Head Circumference
      • BMI
    • Document Management and Photographs
    • Well Child Exam Templates, Order Entry Sets *and* Workplans (Process Definitions)
      • Age Specific Well Child
      • Age Specific Developmental Checklists
      • Sick Child
      • Newborn
      • Flu Season
      • Allergy
      • Abdominal Pain
      • Chest Pain
      • Diabetes
      • School Excuse
      • Many More
    • Message Manager and Tracking System
    • Diagnostic Test and Referral Tracking
    • Pediatric Review of Systems
    • Report Generation
    • Audit Trail and Disclosure Tracking
    • HIPAA Privacy for Document Generation
    • Pediatric Forms (PDF Engine Output: Example 1 and Example 2)
      • Immunization Certificates
      • School
      • Camp
      • Sports
      • Medical Order
    • State Customized Immunization Forms (sold as add-ons through a third-party EncounterPRO-OS partner) 
      • Florida
      • Kentucky
      • New York
      • Alabama
      • Tennessee
      • Georgia
      • Michigan
      • Kansas


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