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EncounterPRO-OS Pediatric EMR Featured at MedInfo 2010, Cape Town, South Africa | Print |


The free open source EncounterPRO-OS Pediatric EMR featured in an academic presentation during the 13th World Conference on Medical and Health Informatics, held September 12-15 in Cape Town, South Africa.


Process-Aware EHR BPM Systems:
Two Prototypes and a Conceptual Framework

Charles Webster, Mark Copenhaver

Systematic methods to improve the effectiveness and efficiency of electronic health record-mediated processes will be key to EHRs playing an important role in the positive transformation of healthcare. Business process management (BPM) systematically optimizes process effectiveness, efficiency, and flexibility. Therefore BPM offers relevant ideas and technologies. We provide a conceptual model based on EHR productivity and negative feedback control that links EHR and BPM domains, describe two EHR BPM prototype modules, and close with the argument that typical EHRs must become more process-aware if they are to take full advantage of BPM ideas and technology. A prediction: Future extensible clinical groupware will coordinate delivery of EHR functionality to teams of users by combining modular components with executable process models whose usability (effectiveness, efficiency, and user satisfaction) will be systematically improved using business process management techniques.

We'll post a trip report. However in the mean time you may be interested in a white paper published last year--Pediatric and Primary Care EMR Business Process Management: A Look Back, a Look Under the Hood, and a Look Forward-- foreshadowing some of the presentation. Section 4's material (quoted below) was a short overview of the role BPM modules can play in the process of EMR process optimization.


"4 Adding EHR Business Process Management Functionality

Pediatric EMR users are increasingly asking for means to systematically improve the effectiveness and efficiency of a wide variety of pediatric EMR mediated processes. Goals include improved pediatric clinical performance, more satisfied patients, and increased pediatric practice profitability. With respect to each of these dimensions, we are using business process management ideas and techniques to design a number of add-on BPM modules.

The population management add-on module detects at-risk patients and automatically triggers workflows to help manage that risk. If a patient is not (but should be) in compliance with a clinical protocol, is not having appropriate measurements gathered, or has clinical values that fall outside normal limits, then corrective workflows should be triggered that will improve compliance, ensure that measurements are taken, and improve clinical values. In preliminary work we have created an add-on module that detects these patient conditions, drives a summary dashboard, populates a patient list manager, and provides a means for users to set up condition-triggerable process definitions (which in turn automatically drive corrective workflows).


The process mining add-on module benchmarks process performance across practices and explains differences in performance in terms of differences between process model structures, activities and costs. These explanations in turn suggest specific workflow improvements. In preliminary work we have exported from workflow logs process ids; task descriptions; datetime stamps for dispatched, started, and completed events; role and user ids; and a variety of other attribute data. We are currently comparing available commercial and open source process mining applications (including the PROM process mining toolkit [5]).


5. Process Mining. http://www.processmining.org"

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