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The Free Open Source EncounterPRO-OS EMR Clinical Groupware for Pediatrics and Primary Care Website


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Download, Install, and Use; or Download Source Code and/or Extend; the EncounterPRO-OS EMR | Print |


If you are a potential user of the EncounterPRO-OS, you can download and install the 32-bit or the 64-bit Windows (how to tell which you need) install files from EncounterPRO-OS's download area on Sourceforge.

If you need the 32-bit version, go to the Sourceforge area, and click the big green download button that looks like the button below. Alternatively, you can select the View All Files, then locate the directory for Combined Install and select the latest version, then select the InstallEproFull.6.1.1x86.exe. Click here to download the 6.1.1 version for 32-bit.

If you need the 64-bit version, you will need to go to the Sourceforge area, select the View All Files, then locate the directory for Combined Installed and select the latest version, then select the InstallEproFull.6.1.1x64.exe. Click here to download the 6.1.1 version.

The EncounterPRO-OS download is 200 MB plus, so use a fast connection or have patience! In the mean time, check out the EncounterPRO-OS Test Drive (right click to download, about 5 MB pdf). After installation, use it to guide you in charting a routine pediatric sick visit.

The installation program installs an instance of the free Microsoft SQL Server Express database, loads the database with pediatric specific picklists and workflows, and installs the EncounterPRO-OS client. You should end up with an icon on your desktop that looks like this.

More information about the installer can be found here.

The currently available downloadable, installable version of the EncounterPRO-OS EMR Pediatric Workflow System is an alpha version, released to obtain feedback. EncounterPRO-OS is mature stable software so why is this an alpha version? Portions of EncounterPRO-OS were rewritten to remove third-party software with licenses incompatible with EncounterPRO-OS's new free open source license. This affects, in particular, EncounterPRO's ability to import TIFF images and generation of RTF (rich text format) documents such as clinical summaries and referral letters. These generated documents are therefore not as attractive as they should be--or eventually will be. EncounterPRO-OS 6.1 is not perfect. But it is based on code in daily use by thousands of users charting millions of patient encounters a month and which has won numerous industry awards for workflow, usability, and productivity. With your help, as part of the free open source EncounterPRO-OS community, together we can make it even better.

If you are interested in a specialty besides pediatrics, we are working on other primary care specific database content. We also will be publishing instructions for customizing and configuring the EncounterPRO-OS database for a new specialty.

Let us know how it goes in the user forums!


If you are potential developer of, or on, the EncounterPRO-OS platform, head on over to the EncounterPRO-OS workspace at Assembla.

  • Create an extension that runs on EncounterPRO-OS installed binary (instructions).
  • Download, modify, and compile EncounterPRO-OS.
  • Contribute code fixes and enhancements to EncounterPRO-OS.

Let us know how it goes! Email to This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it  your experience or get an account on Assembla to join the developer community!


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