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The Free Open Source EncounterPRO-OS EMR Clinical Groupware for Pediatrics and Primary Care Website


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Optional Third-Party Add-On Modules & Services | Print |

With the exception of billing codes, which are copyrighted and must be made available through a third-party EncounterPRO-OS partner, EncounterPRO-OS has all the features of EncounterPRO®, winner of 14 national awards (including three HIMSS Davies, won by pediatric, family medicine, and obstetrics & gynecology practices).

However, if you need any of the following services, please contact EncounterPRO-OS partner EncounterPRO Healthcare Resource, Inc. (EHRI) directly (800-677-5653, This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it ).


Meet the EncounterPRO Professionals at EHRI

The EncounterPRO Professionals at EHRI can "dial in" and fix your problem in a jiffy. Our customers are hundreds of private medical practices from 1 to 30 providers. EHRI is a support and service organization devoted to the free open source EncounterPRO-OS EMR. Pediatricians, Family Practitioners, and other primary care physicians, who intend to use the free open source EncounterPRO-OS EMR, should consider consulting with our experienced staff.

Whether you practice in Pediatrics, Family Medicine, or other specialties, if free open source EncounterPRO-OS is your EMR of choice, you know the importance of ongoing support for your software. We offer basic support, configuration, and after-hours emergency support services. With decades of EncounterPRO implementation, training, support and customization experience, the EncounterPRO Professionals at EHRI have special expertise in:

  • Implementation, configuration, and customization for larger practices or practices with special requirements
  • Customization of state-specific reports
  • Coordination with practice management companies to setup PMS interfaces
  • Coordination with clinical laboratories to setup lab interfaces
  • Coordination with state vaccine registries to setup vaccine registries interfaces
  • Use of EHRI's SureScripts certified e-Prescribing network
  • On-site training to take you "Live In Five" (return to complete productivity in five business days)
  • On-line university access to fun multimedia courses to maximize return on your time investment
  • Remote support to dial in and fix that problem now
  • Remote hosting if you download, install, and like EncounterPRO-OS, but don't want to deal with hardware and software issues
  • Medical devices interfaces setup for Welch-Allyn and MidMark

SureScripts e-Prescribing Interface

Adapted from the EncounterPRO Healthcare Resources website...

We don't send e-prescriptions through someone else's e-prescribing application, because we are certified to directly connect to the SureScripts Electronic Prescribing Network. The end result? Fewer clicks, faster transmission (OK, perhaps only milliseconds faster), and a higher volume of prescriptions sent electronically. Our favorite testimonials so far? A tie between "Brilliant" and "Best thing since sliced bread." (both from Dr. Rogu, RBK Pediatrics)

As Bruce Lee put it, "Simplicity is the key to brilliance.” Our philosophy is somewhere between the US military's fire-and-forget and Jean-Luc Picard's "Make it so!" The EncounterPRO-OS Pediatric EMR Workflow System takes care of the time consuming side of e-prescribing so you can concentrate on medicine.


Read more ... see E-Prescribing is Better on an EMR Workflow System at EncounterPRO.com.

Laboratory Results Interface

Adapted from the EncounterPRO Healthcare Resources website...

Consider the lowly electronic lab result. It was one of the first clinical data routinely exchanged with ambulatory EMRs. Pediatric practices with electronic connectivity to clinical laboratories *still* suffer from the following problems (Ferris et al. Electronic Results Management in Pediatric Ambulatory Care: Qualitative Assessment, PEDIATRICS Vol. 123 Supplement January 2009, pp. S85-S91):

  • Increased costs due to redundant tests
  • Decreased efficiency
  • Insufficient pediatric-specific customizations
  • Duplication of workflow (electronic *plus* paper)
  • Lost orders
  • Failed follow-up management, resulting in
    • Missed or delayed diagnoses and
    • Delays in follow-up test ordering

The last three problems are particularly sobering since a substantial percentage of malpractice claims are due to failures in these areas. All of these problems are especially acute in solo and small practices with limited resources (for which the EncounterPRO-OS Pediatric Workflow System is perfect. All three of the first HIMSS Davies Awards went to solo practitioners using the EncounterPRO EMR Workflow System—two pediatricians and one physician with a combined obstetrics, gynecology, and family medicine practice).

Compared to a traditional pediatric "singleware" EMR, process-aware clinical groupware flexibly but reliably implements closed loop test monitoring (every test result is tracked to its final disposition). As a direct result electronic laboratory result management is more efficient, timely, safe, effective, patient centered, and equitable.

Read more ... see Electronic Lab Result Management Workflow at EncounterPRO.com.

Vaccine Registry Interface

Adapted from the EncounterPRO Healthcare Resources website...

To paraphrase KFC, we do state immunization registries right. In fact we have spoken at both the HIMSS and the Public Health Information Conferences about the proper way to build interfaces to state immunization registries.

What's our point? We know enough about what works and what doesn't work when interfacing to state immunization registries that we give national presentations in which we actually grade the various state immunization registries for how well *they* implement pediatric EMR friendly interfaces.

OK. We have another point. And it is the same point that we made previously with respect to electronic lab result management (and to e-prescribing). Whatever pediatric EMR functionality you think is important, whether it is internal to your practice, or requires hooks to an external clinical partner, it's better on a clinical groupware workflow system, such as the EncounterPRO-OS Pediatric EMR Workflow System.

EncounterPRO-OS partner, EncounterPRO Healthcare Resources, enables the EncounterPRO-OS Pediatric EMR Workflow System to provide excellent vaccine registry workflow, improving practice productivity through workflow engine-driven automated upload of vaccine data to state registries.

Read more ... see State Immunization Registry Workflow at EncounterPRO.com.

PMS Interface Services

Adapted from the EncounterPRO Healthcare Resources website...

Integrated of Best of-Breed Practice Management System

Advantages of EncounterPRO-OS Pediatric EMR
Plus EncounterPRO PM (from EncounterPRO Healthcare Resources):

  • Seamless: An integrated package functions seamlessly from day one.
  • Unified Support: One number to call, EMR or PMS.

Advantages of EncounterPRO-OS Pediatric EMR Plus Your Practice Management System (inexpensive interface services from EncounterPRO Healthcare Resources):

  • Choice: Choose the most cost-effective feature-rich EMR and PMS to get the best combined value.
  • Incrementalism: If you are happy with your practice management system, keep it!

You choose!


Billing codes are subject to copyright restrictions. You may purchase licenses and add billing codes yourself or you can contact an EncounterPRO Foundation partner, such as EncounterPRO Healthcare Resources, Inc, to do so for you.


Read more ... see The EncounterPRO Pediatric EMR + Your Practice Management System at EncounterPRO.com.

EncounterPRO-OS Implementation Services

Adaptive from the EncounterPRO Healthcare Resources website...

Relying on EncounterPRO-OS's unique workflow system nature, and employing many of the industrial engineering techniques that are used to deploy large and complex production systems, we have devised an EncounterPRO-OS Pediatric EMR Go-Live SYSTEM that will Save You Substantial Time, Effort and Money from the moment you walk in the door on Monday to the Friday five days later when you will be back to seeing 100% of your previous daily patient load. (Further down the road, the sky's the limit. Check out the testimonials about increased patient volume, if you haven't done so already).

High Usability = High Learnability

In true Industrial Engineering tradition we have analyzed pediatric workflows from over 200 pediatric practices and broken down the skills required for each step in each workflow into 81 separate user functions. We have optimized the EncounterPRO-OS Pediatric EMR workflow process definitions to minimize the "cognitive load" necessary to chart a patient encounter and accomplish related tasks. Each user need only learn the small subset of skills that are relevant to their role. Since the EncounterPRO-OS Pediatric EMR Workflow System automatically serves up the correct screen based on the user's role and clinical purpose, users need learn much less than traditional EMRs that do not rely on an underlying workflow engine and process definition system.

Read more ... see The EncounterPRO Rollout & Go-Live "SYSTEM" at EncounterPRO.com.



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